Bonus Hunting at online casinos

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Bonus Hunting at online casinos

These days, the gambling internet industry has grown to unbelievable proportions. In the World Wide Web appeared a mass of different online casinos, which simply physically lack of players, in connection with what each institution is trying all kinds of methods to lure new customers. Some get by with more traditional methods – simple advertising, presentation of the quality level of their services or offer players a special loyalty program, while others resort to more effective, one might even say sophisticated methods – online casino bonuses. And the number of such establishments is increasing, because, as strange as it may seem and even paradoxical, the more bonuses a casino offers, the greater its profits. But in some situations everything turns against the casino itself – bonus hunting is an enemy of any online gambling establishment. If you’re looking for a reliable online casino, use

Bonus hunting

With the advent of a huge number of online casinos, poker rooms, bookmakers, bingo halls, offering bonuses, a new concept shone on the Internet as bonus hunting. Bonus hunter – the name says it all. But what is this “hunting”?

As already written above, online casinos in order to attract new customers offer quite decent gifts to newcomers, in particular, it may be, for example, a 100% bonus on your first deposit, or at all different variations of free bonuses. The purpose of the bonus hunter take this bonus and with the least difficulty. A portal offering you bonuses are not stupid people, and it is not profitable for them to sponsor each player, so to withdraw the gifted money a player needs to bypass some obstacles, and sometimes even significant ones: to play a certain number of hands or collect a certain number of points; for online casinos or bingo games, it is to make a certain number of bets (wager); for bookmakers – put some money on events with odds no lower than specified in the bonus terms. That is, it is necessary to wager this bonus. And there is a high probability that the money will be lost.

Bonus hunters use very different, cunning, multi-wager schemes, thanks to which, without their own risks they fulfill the requirements set by the terms and conditions of bonus use and withdraw the winnings from the bonus money to their accounts. For example, let’s take at least the widely known bonus hunting scheme in bookmakers.

  • Registration. It is necessary to register on two different gambling portals – sports betting sites. It is better if they are reputable, and at the same time do not require you a significant amount of documents for verification. So that in the future there will be no major bureaucratic hurdles with the withdrawal of winnings. Next, you need at least one of the bookmakers to offer a 100% bonus on your first deposit.
  • Making your first deposit. Let’s assume you have a capital of $300. In that case, you’ll have to deposit $100 at the bookmaker with the bonus and $200 at the other site. In total, you will have $400 each in two accounts.
  • Betting on opposite outcomes. We find a suitable tennis match with a “fork”, where the odds are approximately these values: in the first office – w1 = 2.00 (win the first athlete), w2 = 1.8 (win the second athlete), and in the second office respectively – w1 = 1, 8, w2 = 2.0. Let’s bet on the odds 2. Everything, the fork is done, now we only have to wait.
  • In any case we will stay with $400, while we had $300 before. The same system works without bonuses, only odds must be more than 2.0, but that is another topic.

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