Divinity Original Sin 2 gameplay

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Divinity Original Sin 2 gameplay

If the history and its presentation compared to the first Original Sin have changed radically, the gameplay itself has not undergone such strong changes – only small point improvements. And more gameplay Original Sin and did not need. The main thing is that the absolute freedom of action, both out of combat and in battles, remained in place. You can still go anywhere you want and do whatever you want: cheat the game, trick and mock the inhabitants of the city – just get ready to pay for your mistakes and impudence.

Have you slipped somewhere off the level and got hit on the head? Run away, put a mark on the map and go to another place until that route becomes more friendly to you. Have you failed to convince an important quest character? Okay, the quest can be done in other ways, try to use them. You don’t have enough money for new armor? Talk to your teeth dealer and ask your friend to brush his pockets. There are thousands of examples, including the wild ones: how about teleporting a security guard from the store so he can’t see you brushing the shelves? If you want to access the game, you can find everything you need at https://ggsel.com/en/catalog/divinity-original-sin-ii-first.

Game Features

But there are other features. Here is an example: some heroes have physiological data that affect certain actions. Say, lizards can dig pits and graves without a shovel. And the undead do not need a lock, opening locked locks with their fingers. Such little things are most memorable, they enliven the game. When you notice the tiny details – and above them someone thought and added them to the game – you feel on the same wave with the developers.

Somewhere developers surprise with little things, and somewhere on the contrary – the scale. Or at once and that and that. For example, the game’s world is really huge – and at the same time much more compact than in the original Original Sin. This strange duality is due to the division of the game into acts. Having finished the act, you will not be able to return to the associated locations. You will have to deal with all quests, battles and hidden treasures at once. And it is not the worst variant, left behind, empty and in no way changing locations in many role-playing games. If not to work with them, then why not remove them at all?

Describing the sizes of levels as much as possible “visually” we will tell so – on them it is possible to get lost. Here you go along the forest path, then turn left on the path, there you persuade some troll to let you pass, go on, get into the cave, clean it up, you find yourself moved by an old ship, go outside and wander again along the paths. And this is the moment when “Stop, where am I? Where was I going to go in the first place? And when you do the quests, you will get lost guaranteed. Not only does Original Sin 2 not hang markers on the map, but part of the quests also intersect with each other, tying the plot knots and brains of those who are trying to follow everything at once. And also on the quests we have to solve puzzles – here, some people can review their warm feelings for the game. The simplicity of the puzzle does not suffer.

But do not panic. Original Sin 2 encourages attentive and curious players, as well as those who love experiments in the spirit of “what happens if I move my partner to that balcony? As a result, part of the puzzles can be skipped, just using the skills, another part – listening carefully to the dialogues, and the rest can be solved by a simple search. This also applies to tasks, and even “inaccessible” areas, which are allowed only on certain quests. Freedom in everything!

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