How to use bitcoins? For Dummies

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How to use bitcoins? For Dummies

If you don’t know exactly what bitcoin is, you should read other articles and explore the subject. Have you read them? Good. Now let’s find out what you can do with cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin is as easy to use as email

As we know, both are software. Bitcoin is also a means of communication between people. In fact, if you think of transactions as e-mail and wallets as mailboxes, the analogy is complete. But it’s all in order. Let’s keep in mind that in order to send an email to someone, you have to meet three conditions: to have your own mailbox, to create a letter, and to specify the address of the recipient. Does it make sense?

Cryptocurrency wallet

Emails are stored in a mailbox and cryptocurrency is stored in a wallet. Just like there are many email services, you can choose wallet for bitcoin among different services. We won’t bore you with a review of wallets, you can use any of them if you want to diversify your own experience. What do you need to do? Just go to the download page and install the wallet program in one of the five operating systems available to mankind: Android, iOS, Windows, macOS or Linux. It’s fashionable now to keep cryptocurrency wallets on portable devices. Use an android smartphone, for example.

Bitcoin wallet addresses

Like email, bitcoin uses addresses. You can have a mailbox that has multiple addresses used for both sending and receiving mail. In order to send bitcoins, you need to provide the recipient’s address; in order to receive bitcoins, you need to provide your address. Unlike e-mail addresses intended for a person, bitcoin addresses are intended for a person himself and that’s why they are not convenient to remember. A modern address looks something like this: bc1q66n7lq4235y75cwjvjzkj9vc7qfs4put8prh94.

Don’t be alarmed, you won’t be required to manually type in wallet addresses, they are designed to be copied via the clipboard. But there is a more progressive way of transferring addresses – through QR-codes. QR-code can include the amount to be sent (payment).

What next?

In order to use e-mail it is enough to master the program of some software client. You can choose and start using any cryptocurrency wallet. But, as with email, you need content, which is cryptocurrency. It remains to learn how to buy bitcoins and send them to other users. Again, this won’t turn out to be any more complicated than email. Just imagine that bitcoin is the kind of e-mail that costs money.

You can also use cryptocurrency referral program to get certain benefits. Cryptocurrencies are actively developing and now it is possible to order a special card waiting for their application. This is a convenient solution which will help you to optimize everything significantly in the end. With the help of the card you have an opportunity to pay for your purchases in stores without using bitcoin transfers. So this is also a great way to save your time. Modern cards have other benefits that you should also explore.