Men’s main fears during sex

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Men’s main fears during sex

Every man has certain fears during sex. If you want to prevent these fears from overpowering you, you must first learn to recognize them and respond to them correctly. This way you will have a chance to take control in your own hands not to go along with various fears. Let’s look at a few basic fears.

How to excite a woman?

When having sex for the first time with a woman there is often another fear: can a man understand all the desires, find the erogenous zones, arouse enough for intimacy to be passionate and enjoyable for both partners? This fear may occur the second time, the third. But we can say unequivocally: if a woman is already in bed at her desire, then she is definitely burning with desire. All the cells of her body are an erogenous zone, because the first touch is special. They cause a storm of pleasant emotions. But for reassurance, you can:

  • Try different caresses, noticing your partner’s reaction;
  • Ask directly what she likes. Often girls have specific desires in sex;
  • Just do what you want. If temperament, preferences in bed will harmoniously converge, a high degree of arousal in both partners is guaranteed. 

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Unwanted pregnancy

Men do not often think about the consequences of unprotected sex, but the fear exists. A condom breakage, failure to stop intercourse in time, sex on the days of possible conception – everything can reduce sexual desire. It is possible to avoid such fear. Enough to discuss the problem with a woman. She is also interested in reliable contraception, and for his part can take care of it. It is worth remembering: Sex without a condom – the risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections. Even trusting your partner, it is advisable to reinsure yourself. It is advisable to use high-quality latex products, electronically checked by the manufacturer, and leave your worries: According to statistics, the condom breaks in only 4% of couples. 

Sex will not please both

There is a male fear: intimacy will fail on both sides. The first intercourse really is sometimes not the most successful. The culprit is, excitement. You can always give intimacy a second chance: suddenly everything will work out. And for the first time everything was fine, it is worth creating a special atmosphere, to relax a little. A glass of wine, dim light, a romantic setting – ideal conditions for good sex. The only thing – using potency stimulants, you should give up alcohol. It reduces the effect of drugs, sexual intercourse will not be of the same quality as desired. Although you can buy stimulants that are combined with alcohol at

Fear of cheating

Once faced with the deception of sexual intercourse, a man will always be waiting for its repetition. There are girls who use intimacy to advance their careers, to get money, to get pregnant, to “marry” a man. This is not out of the question, but it doesn’t mean that it will be the same with everyone. Sincere feelings, desire, passion are easy enough to understand. Then such fear will be gone from the relationship forever. Fear in sex – sometimes becomes a barrier to full intimacy. Proper elaboration will correct the situation.